Memory Care

WHY…Look at Riverview Memory Care for My Loved One?

Your loved one matters to us…we view your family member as our family member! With years of experience in senior living, Riverview has designed a secure and state-of-the-art memory care facility reflecting excellence in dementia and Alzheimer’s care. We offer a home-like setting with a personal touch…where we get to know your loved one and enhance their quality of life. We engage your loved one mentally, physically, and socially to enhance their quality of life. You will be pleased as you explore our innovative programming, educated staff, and specific memory care design. Riverview Memory Care is a premier memory care facility in the Inland Empire!

HOW…is Riverview Memory Care Different from Other Facilities?

Riverview Retirement Community is a “continuing care retirement community” or “CCRC”. That means we offer a full complement of senior living options: independent living (the Village), assisted living (the Terrace), and now Memory Care! Here is how we stand out as a premier provider among other similar facilities to best serve your loved one:

  • Only 24 Valued Residents – Our concierge staff gets to know and serve each one of 24 residents
  • No Corridors or Hallways – Our unique building design has no narrow hallways or corridors
  • Space to Walk – Our Memory Care has the highest number of square feet per resident in the area
  • Wayfinding – Artwork, colors, and other cues help residents find their way around easily
  • Amazing Food – All meals are prepared under the supervision of our award-winning Chef Tony
  • Inclusive Pricing – We offer services for a flat monthly fee (no “nickel & diming” our residents)
  • Central Location – We are close to downtown, easily accessible from north, south, east, and west
  • Local Artwork – All our artwork features scenes from Spokane, Palouse, and Lake Coeur d’Alene
  • Oversized Aquarium – Residents enjoy watching color and movement in our 18-foot aquarium
  • Memory Zones – These “memory enhancers” help our residents recall many familiar memories
  • Not One Step – There are no steps anywhere in the building for ease of access with wheelchairs

WHAT…Does Riverview Memory Care Cost?

Riverview Memory Care has one simple and transparent pricing structure with a flat rate fee* per month. There is no “nickel and diming” that may be considered normal at other memory care facilities. Please review our contract to review the small list of exclusions. We want to bring the highest value in the area to each one of our 24 residents. The only one-time fee is an admission fee of $3,000.

*Call for pricing.

HOW…Do We Get Your Loved One on the Waiting List?

To get on the waiting list, please complete the attached application and remit a check for $3,000 made payable to “Riverview Memory Care”. The $3,000 is fully refundable at any time based on a simple written request. If the resident does not qualify, the $3,000 will be fully refunded. If the prospective resident is admitted, the $3,000 is used as the one-time non-refundable admission fee.

WHAT…Does it Take for Your Loved One to Qualify Financially for Admission?

We request documentation that demonstrates that the prospective resident has financial resources to pay for 36 months of care. Financial resources could be in the form of cash and investments, home value, long term care insurance, Medicare, pensions, and Medicare supplements. The only form of payment that we do not accept is Medicaid.

WHO…Can We Talk with for More Information?

We would love to talk with you more about Riverview Memory Care and have you meet our specialists:

Heidi Ulland
(509) 482-8174 - Office
(509) 220-0904 - Cell

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