Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to dine with my loved one at any meal? If so, what will this cost?

Yes, the spouse or loved one has one free meal a day. In order to serve our guests, we appreciate 24-hour advance notice of extra meals. There is a $10 charge for the second meal and $10 charge for the third meal. If a larger group comes, the fee is $10 per person.

What options does a resident have if he or she doesn’t want to eat at the set meal times?

Our residents can eat at the times that they prefer. Meals, drinks, and snacks are served 24 hours per day. Between 6 PM and 6 AM there may be more limited meal options.

What door would you like the resident’s loved ones to enter and exit through?

The main entrance and exit is located on the Granite Street side, under and to the right of the blue Riverview Memory Care sign.

What are the dimensions of each resident’s room?

Each resident room measures 18 feet by 13 feet with a private bathroom for a total of 262 square feet of personal space. In the Memory Care facility residents who are not sleeping or resting will often choose to be in the spacious common areas.

Will all showering and bathing take place in the resident’s room?

Each resident room has a bathroom with a zero-access (i.e. the resident could easily roll a wheelchair in) shower. There is a separate bathing room with a jetted tub where our staff can assist with bathing.

Who will provide baths if the resident doesn’t want to shower in his or her own room?

Each of our Memory Care staff is trained to bathe a resident in the jetted tub or to assist with a shower in the resident’s private bathroom.

What is the resident to staff ratio in Riverview’s Memory Care Facility?

From 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM there is 1 staff member for each 6 residents. From 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM there is 1 staff member for each 10 residents.

How many staff will be assigned to the Memory Care Facility? How many staff are scheduled for each shift in that facility?

We have 15 full-time staff members assigned to our Memory Care facility. There are 3 staff members scheduled from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 2 staff members scheduled from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM. In addition to this, the Memory Care Manager typically works Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

What experience and training will Memory Care staff members have?

All of our staff members are Certified Nursing Assistants. Additionally, they have all received special training in dementia/mental health care, CPR, first aid and on-going training.

What will be the options for prescriptions? Can the resident bring in partially used prescription bottles that have been used at home?

Our residents will be using our contracted pharmacy (which serves all our Memory Care residents) which “bubble packs” all prescription medications. Please note that over-the-counter medications must also go through our pharmacy. Regardless of the source, all medications coming into the Memory Care facility must be bubble packed to ensure the safety of our residents. As such, partially used prescription bottles from home will not be used for our Memory Care residents.

How will the resident use Medicare Advantage as a payment option? What will Medicare cover?

Our billing department will bill Medicare for any services covered under Medicare. Neither Medicare A nor Medicare Advantage covers the costs of memory care “room and board”. Medicare B may cover therapy services (physical, occupational and speech therapies). Long-term care insurance policies differ widely, but many do cover some of the costs of memory care (check your specific policy).

Would you tell us more about the activities that will be provided? Will there be any outings?

Our Certified Recreational Therapists oversee the development and quality of all group activities and programs as well as recreation therapy programs for individuals. Arrangements must be made in advance with our Memory Care Manager for any residents who are planning to have an event outside the facility.

What if someone wants to take his or her loved one out of the Memory Care Facility for the day or a portion of a day…is that possible?

Yes. Though families can do this, sometimes sudden changes in environment can be difficult for our Memory Care residents.

How often will the resident’s rooms be cleaned and who will be providing this service?

Each resident room has a thorough cleaning once each week and more frequently if needed. Riverview provides regular (and as needed) laundry services.

Tell us more about the rooms that are adjacent to the common area. Will there be private areas to just be together as a family?

There is a special dining room that can accommodate up to 8 friends and family members. The door to the special dining room can be closed to ensure the privacy of the family and friends. This room is designed to be used for birthday celebrations and other special events. Additionally, all of our residents have their own private room to share with their guests.

We have looked at other memory care facilities in Spokane and Riverview Memory Care appears to be more expensive. Why is that?

The Riverview Memory Care facility was a $7 million project that was designed with many special features by our architects. For example, there are no hidden hallways or difficult-to-negotiate stairs. Riverview intentionally focuses efforts on a maximum of 20 residents. This ensures that each resident will receive personalized attention and will have lots of space to live and explore. Additionally, Riverview Memory Care features “bundled pricing” so that there are very few services that will have an “extra charge” (these are listed in the contract).

In order to be admitted a resident needs to show 3 years of ability to pay. What will happen if my loved one runs out of funds before the end of 3 years? Will my loved one have to move?

The Riverview Memory Care facility is a private pay facility…it is not licensed to receive reimbursements from Medicaid. If a resident runs out of funds, our staff will assist the resident and their loved ones to find another appropriate facility.

My loved one often has a crazy schedule and may get up at 2 AM and ask for breakfast. Will the staff be able to fix him or her breakfast in the middle of the night?


Are loved ones able to spend the night with their resident? Is there an extra bed or cot in the facility so that the loved one can sleep in the resident’s room?

No, that is not possible in our facility.

Are there any hours when loved ones are restricted from visiting their resident?

No, there are no limitations on visiting hours.

If our family or our loved one is so unhappy that he or she needs to move out in the first 30 days, can I receive my one-time fee of $3,000 back?

The $3,000 deposit is fully refundable until the resident moves in. After admission the $3,000 is not refundable.

If there was an immediate need for a nurse to see my loved one, how long would it take for that nurse to arrive at the Riverview Memory Care Facility?

Riverview has nurses at the Riverview Care Center and Terrace on a 24/7 basis. These buildings are very close to the Riverview Memory Care facility. As such, a nurse can travel to the Memory Care facility in less than 5 minutes.

When my mother gets upset and/or fearful, she can start screaming very loudly. How would that circumstance be handled in the facility?

Our staff are trained to calm fearful residents through a variety of methods. We have a specially outfitted room for a resident and staff to go to which has variable lighting, pleasant seating and soothing colors. This room is called “The Lake Place” and is located in the Lake Coeur d’Alene region of the facility.

If my father is in your facility and has a fall, who will the facility notify and how long does it take to notify power of attorney or family member?

During the admission process, Riverview is provided with the primary contact for events like this. Our staff are trained to notify that contact promptly and as agreed to in the admission contract.

How often is the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) required to come in and assess the facility for compliance with state and federal regulations?

DSHS comes in once each year for an annual survey to assess the facility. These are surprise visits so that DSHS can determine quality objectively. DSHS also comes in to investigate on an “as requested” basis.

If I have a concern and am not satisfied with the answer that I receive from the Memory Care Manager, who else can I talk with at Riverview?

If you need to escalate a concern, our President & CEO, Charley Tirrell welcomes your call at 482-8138. In the event that he is not available, you can contact either Jami Gecas (VP-Human Resources) at 482-8113 or Mike Drew (VP-Finance) at 482-8419.

If my loved one passes away or leaves in the middle of a month, is our bill for that month pro-rated for the number of days that he or she was living in the facility?

Yes. We stop the billing on the date that the resident’s family has vacated the room (not the date of the resident’s death).

If my loved one needs to go to the hospital for several days or weeks, does Riverview Memory Care still charge for the entire month of services?


Does each resident have an individual care plan? How often are care plans updated?

Yes, each resident has an individual care plan that is reviewed quarterly at a minimum, and more frequently if deemed necessary.

If a Riverview Memory Care resident has a change in mobility and needs to use a walker or wheelchair or becomes bedridden, can they remain in the facility?

Whenever there is a change in mobility, the staff will promptly re-assess the resident for appropriateness for the facility.

Can outside visiting care be arranged for a resident of Riverview Memory Care? If so, who is responsible for coordinating those services?

All outside home health providers, medical professionals, independent contractors, and other non-Riverview service providers must be pre-approved by Riverview management before performing services in the facility. All service providers are required to successfully complete thorough background checks.

How frequently does the staff at Riverview Memory Care update families about the status and well-being of their loved one?

During the admission process, Riverview discusses how frequently the families would like to be updated.

Who can I contact if I have questions that have not been answered above?

Heidi Ulland
Sales Specialist
(509) 482-8174

Alison Hockett
Sales Specialist
(509) 482-8474