Frequently Asked Questions

Riverview Village Homes

What is the benefit of moving into a Riverview Village home?

Riverview Village Independent Living is part of a thriving continuing care retirement community. We offer several levels of care on our campus and can accommodate most of your changing health needs throughout your lifetime. Our campus includes Riverview Village Independent Living, Riverview Terrace Independent Living and Assisted Living Apartments, and Riverview Memory Care. When you purchase the right to occupy a Village Home, you have the lifelong support of a highly qualified team of health professionals; dedicated to helping you stay as active and independent as possible.

What is a Village Life Tenancy?

The purchase of a Life Tenancy gives you the right to live in your Village home for as long as you wish. This one-time Accommodation Fee covers either single or double occupancy, and when your home is vacated you will receive back 80% of the purchase price.

Do I own my Village home?

No. Riverview holds the title to the home and you purchase the right to occupy it and live there as long as you choose.

What happens if my healthcare needs change?

If your healthcare needs change and you want to move from your Independent Living home, our staff will help you transition to a program with the best level of care on our campus. As a Riverview Village resident, you have priority over anyone from the Spokane community. There is no need to experience the worry and frustration of re-locating if your needs change. Riverview has a great reputation and has received many awards for its outstanding care at all levels.

How do I get on a waiting list for a Village home?

With a completed application and a $1,000 application fee, your name is placed on a "Future Residents" waiting list for the Village. This fee is fully refundable at any time if you change your mind. You can find an application online, or by contacting the Directory of Sales & Marketing.

How will I know when a home becomes available?

When a home in our Village becomes available, applicants on the "Future Residents" waiting list are notified by email. You then have the choice to not respond if you're not interested, or you can respond and request a tour. Your name is never dropped to the end of the list if you do not choose to respond. After 7 to 14 days have passed in which time you view homes and take time to decide, the Director of Sales & Marketing will offer that home to the next individual on the waiting list.

How long should I expect to be on the "Future Residents List" before a home is offered to me?

This time period varies and depends on the number of homes that are vacated per year. While it is not possible to predict an average wait, most residents are able to move into the Village within 3 – 12 months.

Once a home is offered to me, how long until I can move in?

Your new Village home will be refurbished with your finish choices and prepared for occupancy by our staff. Move-in time varies according to the amount of work that needs to be done, but the average time period is 4 – 8 weeks. Our staff will work with you to make your move as convenient as possible.

What other living expenses should I expect?

You will be responsible for a monthly fee that includes special services such as grounds keeping, interior and exterior maintenance, emergency response, snow removal, and more. You will be responsible for your own gas, electric and telephone charges, and property taxes. If you have been eligible for a tax exemption based on your prior year's annual income (i.e. below a threshold set by the state of Washington), you may be able to use this exemption at Riverview. If you are living at Riverview on January 1 of the year, you can apply for property tax exemption for the following year as long as you meet the state of Washington’s income limits.

Does the monthly fee change from year to year?

The monthly fee can vary somewhat from year to year. In October of each year, the Board of Directors approves all fee changes for the following calendar year, and makes an effort to have reasonable increases.

Do the homes come with a garage?

Yes. Every Village home includes a single or double car garage. The Selway and Moyie buildings include a space in our underground parking garage.

Can Village residents eat in the Terrace dining room?

Yes. Meals are not included in the monthly fee, but they are available at reasonable prices. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as special event and holiday meals. Reservations are always requested, and families and guests are always welcome.

Are you on a bus route or do you offer transportation services?

Riverview is not on a city bus route, but we do have Riverview vans, with wheelchair accessibility, we use to provide transportation to local grocery stores, malls and scheduled community events.

Are pets allowed?

The Village Homes allow one small pet per home, including cats and dogs, as long as it doesn't disturb your neighbors. All pets (including cats) must be on a leash when outside the homes, and you are asked to clean up after them. All pet owners must follow Riverview Village guidelines.

Do I take care of my own yard?

Grounds keeping services are included with your monthly fee, but you are welcome to personalize your garden and patio areas as long as you care for them. You can also enjoy gardening in our large Community Garden.

Do you have special rooms I can reserve to host a party or family get together?

Yes. Riverview has a large community building to accommodate guests, a multi-purpose room, a recreation room and an elegant private dining room to host events in. All can be reserved at the front desk for a small, refundable deposit.

Is there an indoor pool area?

Yes. Riverview has a beautiful Aquatics & Fitness Center which includes a lap pool with a lazy river, a therapy pool, and a spa that is open to all residents.

What types of exercise facilities are available?

Riverview has an amazing Aquatics & Fitness Center. Staff teaches exercise classes in the Terrace Recreation Room and in the Aquatics & Fitness Center. We are also proud to be an educational site for the Spokane Community Colleges "Institute for Extended Learning", which brings several exercise classes such as Tai Chi right to our campus, as well as art and language classes. For nature lovers, the Centennial Trail runs just across the street from Riverview and is always a beautiful area for walking or biking.